6 Pack shaping abdomen


The dream of a 6 pack is now within your reach — abdominal contouring


Abdominal fat is something that is formed over a period of time, owing to poor eating and lifestyle choices. Fat settles down in several layers, and this is particularly true for some individuals who have a higher chance to do so than others. In medical terms, this is called genetic predisposition. Their metabolism – the body’s ability to break down food and release energy – is such that fat gets stored more easily than in others, and it results in a bloated look that appears like a large belly. Changing the way of dress and choice of colours helps very little, and the individual begins to feel unattractive.

The sad fact is that an active gym routine or even a restricted diet cannot help in dissolving the fat that has already formed in the stomach area. The solution to stubborn fat is a simple surgery that thins the fat deposit. With the help of this procedure you can get back the flat stomach that you have always wished for. You need not blame your genes anymore; the end is in sight.

The procedure of abdominal contouring may sound like a complex surgical procedure, but it is not, in reality. The patient is admitted in the hospital for only a day, and the procedure itself takes 1-2 hours to complete. In the best interest of the patient, he or she is kept in observation for a few hours after the surgery. It can be performed under either local or general anaesthesia. If the effects of anaesthesia come down as expected and the patient reacts favourably to the procedure, as it happens in most cases, he or she can return home the same day.

Abdominal shaping is a common surgery and a seasoned surgeon does it with precision to achieve optimum draining of excess fat. A cannula (a thin tube used in medical procedures) is inserted through incisions made on the abdomen and a suction device removes the fat. An experienced surgeon knows the appropriate places to make these cuts so that muscle lines become more pronounced and the sculpted look is immediately visible. The important thing is to get this done by a qualified surgeon who is certified by a reputed plastic surgery institution. The risks of going to a shady place run by individuals of doubtful degrees are just too many to even think of. Such shortcuts are to be avoided in all cases.

With the ugly puffiness taken away by our experts, your self-image will now shine bright. You can dress as boldly as your taste commands, and not feel restricted about wearing certain cuts, designs or colours. A shapely silhouette is now yours!

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