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Exult Clinics is a state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic founded in the beautiful coastal city of Visakhapatnam. Our agenda is to bring you in touch with your best-looking self, one that you will be proud to present with confidence and assurance.

Exult Clinics was established in 2015, by Dr M Srinivas Rao M.S MCh Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and Dr Jayalakshmi Dermatologist and Aesthetician. In addition to M.Ch Plastic Surgery, Dr Srinivas has obtained Diploma in AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) course. He strives to offer the absolute best to his patients in terms of technique, advising them of the safety and suitability of a procedure.


You might have decided to not meet loved ones, or large gatherings of people because you feel people will comment on your body. Have you ever refused to get on stage? Do you stand behind others in a photograph? Do you feel frustrated when people shower you with diet tips the moment they see you? This awkward feeling you experience because of being self-conscious can now go out of the window.

Mark Twain said with wisdom, “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself”.

Modern medicine and aesthetic sculpting of your features brings to you the opportunity to correct any less-than-perfect body parts that may be reducing your self-confidence.

At Exult, you will meet professionals who are highly-trained, wise in their judgment, and possess a keen eye for ironing out any features that you feel would come off better with some tuning. Our procedures are precise, efficient, and cost-effective. Our handiwork is gentle, purposeful, and the whole process is begun only after you understand and consent to it. With this understanding, you can give yourself into the care of our dexterous surgeon for a short period, and thereby put away your dissatisfaction forever. Prepare to meet a slicker, sharper version of yourself within hours.

We understand that a medical procedure, however short or simple it is, can cause the patient and his or her family to feel stressed. Therefore, we have put in lots of care and thought into putting together an environment that you would feel comfortable in the moment you walk into it. The hands holding the scalpel are driven by customer-centric values of delivering on quality, end-to-end care, approachability and diplomacy, and we focus our energies on giving you a better self-image.

As a Grafting and Dermatology forerunner, we endeavour to continue doing exemplary work, with customer safety and delight as our motto. Your ideas of plastic surgery and your requirement of a procedure may not have crystallised into an action plan. We are here to help you do that. For all your questions, you may make an appointment that will remove any myths and give you clarity on what is needed to help you put your best foot forward. Our doctors are down-to-earth, straight-forward and discreet where patient confidence is concerned, so you may put forward your concerns without any inhibitions.

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