Acne & Acne scars

Acne and acne scars
Almost everyone suffers from pimples due to hormonal swings during their growing years. The worrisome part is the scar that is left by acne. While the pimple itself may have healed, some of them leave visible patches, craters in the skin, raised bumps, or ugly, hairy spots at prominent sites on the skin. These are as troublesome as the acne itself, or worse.
The reason acne scars are so stubborn is the scar tissue left behind. This would have formed when the phenomenon was healing, and it does not go away easily. The scar tissue left by acne can be in many different forms and sizes. Raised bumps are called hypertrophic scars and depressed ones are called atrophic scars.
The depressed scars are particularly agonizing to young people who dream of a flawless complexion because they mar the smooth appearance of the skin with deep holes, long box shaped scars, or plate-like oval ones. It is very useful for people facing painful acne and scar tissue to see a dermatologist – a professional would be able to treat the condition while keeping the scarring to a minimum.

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