Arm shaping

Arm lift Brachioplasty
Arm shaping or Arm lift is the surgery that reshapes the upper arm so that it does not look loose, saggy and squishy.
Arm shaping is necessary for many reasons, the causes of which maybe aging or weight gain. Even in thin people, when the skin and muscle tone is lost, the skin on the arm looks squishy and “jiggles” when the person moves her arms. This looks very unattractive in smart clothing, sleeveless clothes, or even traditional clothes, as it gives the person an aged, uncouth appearance. This cannot be concealed using make-up either.
The arm lift surgery works on the connective tissue that supports the flesh and skin on the upper arm and prevents the jiggling. In the process, even the loose skin is trimmed off and this reduces the sagging of extra folds on the arms. Extra fat within the arm is redistributed and spread out so that there are no localised pockets of fat.
The first step in Brachioplasty is anaesthesia. Depending on the extent of fat to be removed and the area to be worked on, the surgeon might recommend general or regional anaesthesia.
Brachioplasty can be done right from the beginning of the underarm to the elbow. Multiple incisions are made to adjust the fat deposits along the upper arm. Supportive tissue is tightened and strengthened, if necessary, with internal stitches. Then, additional skin is trimmed off and the rest is sewn back in place.
The incisions may be closed off at the back of the arm or in the inner arm. These sutures are absorbable. Healing begins instantly and you should be able to notice the difference from the surgery in the next few days itself.
Get the revitalised look for your arms so that you need not worry about looking old based on the clothes you wear. This surgery brings back the youthful curves of your arms and also makes the skin look bonded and smooth. Wrinkles are ironed out and fat deposits are smoothed out internally, so you have the toned look of someone who does regular exercise.

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