Beard (French) reconstruction

French Beard shaping
Men today like to present a stylized look, particularly where facial features and facial hair are concerned. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a full beard that can be shaped according to their wishes. If such is the case, the man has no choice but to shave it all off completely, and hide the gaps behind a clean-shaven look.
Shaving too regularly, again is rather tough on the skin, and can make it rough and dry. Men should be able to grow their sideburns (hair on the cheeks leading up to the ears), goatee, French-cut beard etc. naturally. But when this is not possible, simple reconstruction of the hair follicles below the skin can result in a full beard.
Even a small injury to the chin or jaws can result in disturbance in the growth of the beard in that area. This is even truer in the case of a childhood injury. The more serious the injury, the greater the affect on the beard. If the patient had to have stitches, marks would stay for life, and this also results in uneven beard growth. Sometimes even surgery and use of medicine can result in hair thinning or restricted growth.
The good news is that beard reconstruction done by a cosmetic surgeon will make the skin look as good as new. Because the method of correction is so simple, the patient will not need to take any further precautions about shaving and trimming.
Facial hair regrowth can be done through:
• Sideburn hair transplant
• Moustache transplant
• Beard restoration

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