Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery
Although breast augmentation (increase in cup size) is the more common one, reduction surgeries are also available and requested by patients for various reasons. One might wonder why breast reduction is required at all, but only individuals suffering from a huge bust size would know the stress and strain of it.
Get aware of your challenges
The weight of the bust exerts a lot of pressure on the spine and tires out the back muscles. When this happens for a prolonged period, it results in backaches, poor posture, bad gait, and worse. It’s quite natural that people should think of avoiding this additional strain and the related health risks by going for a breast reduction surgery.
Since the composition of the breast is mostly fatty tissue and glandular tissue, the procedure is a simple one. It ensures that the size of the bust is in proportion to the height and stature of the individual. Breasts that are too large can be painful and uncomfortable to have even from an aesthetic point of view. It can be tough to find clothing that doesn’t not chafe, dig into the skin, or cause irritation and redness when the size is disproportionately large. As a solution to this, reduction mammoplasty is used to reduce discomfort and strain.
How the problems are addressed
Surgery is performed with great care depending on the deposits within the breast – it is mostly adipose tissue or glandular tissue coupled with the problem of excess skin. The function of the nipple and the ability to breastfeed is preserved very carefully during this surgery. The position of the nipple can be corrected without affecting the mammary glands and the tissue viability of Nipple-Areola Complex.
All that a patient has to do before actually going in for the surgery is to check with their physician or with the doctors at Exult as to whether the underlying cause for the abnormal growth is due to some health issue – such as hormonal imbalance – that needs medical attention. This is verified, as a matter of policy, during the first consultation itself. Opt for this surgery to take your steps confidently, without pain and embarrassment surrounding your frame.

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