Brow lift

Brow lift
See how a baby’s face always has this look of wonder? It’s not just because of the natural surprise at things all around, but because of the shape and position of the eyebrows. Over age, our eyebrows drop closer to the eyes and the brow-line becomes nearly invisible. This leads to a hardened expression that cannot be corrected well enough by make-up.
For all such cases, brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is recommended. It reduces horizontal lines, frown lines, wrinkles, and visibly sagging eyebrows. It works on:
• Wrinkles between the eyebrows
• Wrinkles at the top of the nose
• Deep vertical furrows
In addition to these, eyes can be lifted further with eyelid reconstruction (upper or lower). Facelift, necklift, skin resurfacing can be used to bring in an overall youthful appearance.
As in any other reconstructive procedure, the first step is anaesthesia, and the method of sedation to be used is selected by your surgeon and his panel of doctors.
In the next step, the surgeon decides to do:
1) a coronal incision (inside the hairline). Corrections can be made under direct vision, and the closed scar is hidden under the hair, so there are no ugly reminders of the surgery.
2) an endoscopic incision: This is not one long incision but several small ones through which a small tube with a camera at the end is inserted and corrections are made according to the images shown by the camera. An experienced surgeon can make even the most delicate movements to remove creases, fat deposits and smooth out wrinkles.
In the final step, the incision is closed up and held in place with the help of sutures, surgical tape, or staples. Absorbable or removable stitches do not leave behind any residual scar after a few weeks, so the appearance is neat. Once the soreness of the surgery is gone, the patient can see the results of the surgery. When used in combination with an improved lifestyle, skin care, and diet habits these effects are long lasting.

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