Buttock lift / Butt shaping

Buttock lift/butt shaping
The secret of an hourglass figure is a shapely bust and curved butt set off by a narrow waist. You may not have a curvy butt and the flatness of the glutes makes the figure look less than ideal.
But it is now possible to enhance the curves that are present only marginally by getting butt shaping done by a plastic surgeon. This is called gluteal augmentation as it works on the gluteus muscles. It is also called Brazilian butt lift. It can be done by bringing in gluteal implants, or by adjusting the fat around through grafting. Sometimes both these techniques are combined together to give a shapely finish to the buttocks.
Buttock lift is right for you if you:
• Desire roundness of the butt
• Need balance between the two butt cheeks
• Need overall improvement of the body silhouette
To determine what kind of butt lift is right for you, the plastic surgeon takes into account the following:
• The amount of fat existing in your buttocks
• The level of roundness you desire
• Your activity level on a daily basis
• Skin quality and elasticity
• Presence of extra skin on your butt
Procedure of butt lift
Whichever procedure of butt lift is chosen for your case, it will have to be performed under anaesthesia. The surgeon will advise you as to whether general anaesthesia or local sedation is suited for your needs.
In the butt implant procedure, the surgeon makes a pair of incisions at the top of the cheek, to the sides (between the cheeks), or at the bottom of the butt cheeks (near the gluteal crease). By choosing these sites, the incision can be kept hidden from direct view. The gluteal crease is the spot where the butt cheek meets the top of the thigh. The length of the incision depends on the size of the implant chosen.
Silicone implants of suitable size are chosen depending on the roundness desired by the patient. The implant is then inserted through the incision. The surgeon chooses to place the implant directly above the gluteus muscle. Then the incision is closed with several layers of stitches. Surgical tape is also used to hold the incision in place.
Once the post-surgical inflammation and soreness are gone, you will be able to see the roundness achieved through the implants. Since silicone implants have a very long life, the effects of the surgery will last for life.
In the fat grafting procedure of butt lift, the first step is liposuction. It involves taking an assessment of the fat present in the buttocks and then using anaesthesia to create incisions and to reduce the trauma faced by the body. A cannula is inserted to dilute the fat present in the buttocks and this is suctioned off to be used for grafting in the buttocks later. This process of repurposing the existing fat in the body is called fat grafting.
Specialized injections are placed at the end of the cannula and the suctioned fat is then inserted into the buttocks. This has to be done in various places so that the finished off buttocks will have a well-rounded appearance.
For the effects of the surgery to be fully obvious, it will take at least a year for the fat to be accepted by the body. Some of the redistributed fat will be absorbed by your body after the surgery. The buttocks will also gain or lose fat like any other body part. It feels and looks more natural than any implants because this is the body’s own fat that is used to create roundness in the butt. A rounded butt is achieved over the months as the body reacts to the newly inserted fat and grows with it. Some of the initial roundness is absorbed and at this time, it will look like the effect of the surgery has faded. As the body adjusts to the fat inserted, it will grow and settle down over time and the permanent effects of the surgery are visible by the end of a year’s time. It is important not to be disillusioned with the results of the surgery at the very beginning, as the final results are to be seen much later.
The surgery is nothing to be ashamed about. Think of it as the process that gives you the curves that make you attractive, and fall in love with your figure!

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