Dimple creation

Dimple creation
A lot of people consider dimples to be marks of beauty and cuteness. Plastic surgery is now able to add dimples to your face, even if you did not originally have them, to make you look cute in the way you want.
Dimple creation is a simple surgery that encourages the formation of dimples. It is as simple as putting in a tiny incision on the inside of the cheek with a suture to the surface of the cheek. This suture results in the skin giving a dimple like appearance.
The site and the number of dimples to be created can be chosen entirely by the patient. The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes, and the dimple can be seen immediately upon smiling or laughing. The suture put into the cheek is an absorbable one, and the dimple can be seen even after the suture has been absorbed and the recovery is complete. The dimple is retained because the skin of the cheek and the underlying muscle will develop a tiny amount of scar tissue which will stay there even after the suture is healed.
Dimple creation is relatively painless and can be opted for by anyone. The process is the same for any age, size of cheek, or gender. Yes, you can now have dimpled cheeks!

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