Double chin treatments

Double chin treatments
A double chin is caused by the deposit of fat in the jawline and neck area. The skin at the neck begins sagging due to the extra weight and the stretching in the skin results in the neck looking heavy with rolling jowls and unattractive hanging of the skin. It is a common fall out of aging, but even young people who have fat deposits in the neck begin to show a double chin. It reduces your good looks and any correction that can be done, should be done to restore good looks and confidence in your mind.
The method of restoring the youthful look of the neck is called chin liposuction. It is the process of removing the additional deposits below the chin and around the neck. In addition to suctioning off extra fat from this body part, the skin is also draped carefully with the extra bits trimmed off. This restores the alluring quality of a smooth neck.
The different types of double chin treatments are as follows:
The most modern method of double chin treatment is laser liposuction. Laser fibres are very fine and they are passed in to liquefy the neck fat. The tubes are as thin as 2.5 mm. Since the fat is melted and drained away without performing a neck lift, the recovery period is smaller in this procedure. The laser used generates enough heat to not only melt the fat, but also to tighten the skin around the neck.
When neck lift is necessary for reducing the size of the neck, an incision is put in to trim off the extra fat and skin. This method is better suited for older people who have a lot of sagging and a lot of extra skin. This extra skin is removed by making a small incision behind the ear.
The final method for quick removal of neck fat is by using lipo dissolve injections. This is also called mesotherapy. It is popular because it is very effective in melting away fat from the site of the injection. These injections cause the fat to dissolve and be excreted as waste. The whole process is quick, effective, and painless. Recovery is also simple and the patient need not be kept in observation for long periods. Same day discharge is possible.

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