Eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery
Do not underestimate the impact and look of eyelids on your overall face. A corrective surgery to improve the look of discoloured or heavily scarred eyelids would not alter your features drastically, but it removes the loose folds of skin, the bags under the eyes, and improves the natural contour of the eyes. The results are a less tired looking face that looks bright and youthful.
This small correction can flip you around from looking tired and sleepy to alert, dull to healthy. Even in the small area of the eye lids, a number of fine tuning methods are necessary because there are many, many small wrinkles in this area. There may also be pigmentation, excess oil production, creases, etc. Droopy eyelids give a sleepy, negative look to the person, and it is good to take advantage of any technique that will remedy this.
The procedure:
The first step is anaesthesia, post which the surgeon begins to make incisions near the eyebrow structure (for the upper lid). Through this cut, excess skin is trimmed, eyelid muscles are strengthened, and fatty tissue is redistributed without affecting the contours of the lids. In the lower lid, the incision is made near the lash line, and excess fat is suctioned off. Pockets of fat need to be broken up first, because they cause the heavy-lidded, droopy expression in the person. Redistribution of fat allows only a thin layer to remain.
Creases are also smoothed out in this process. Since creases may not be symmetric under both eyes, one or both eyes may need to reworked. When there is no extra skin to be trimmed off, a transconjuctival scar can be made, which is a lot smaller, and the eyelid is contoured. Closing off of scars is the same as any other procedure, with sutures, staples, and tape.
The procedure brings to light any dark patches below the eyes or blemished pigmentation. For this, your surgeon can make recommendations such as laser treatment or microdermabrasion, which is commonly known as chemical peel. This lightens the patchy skin and the surgeon makes sure that it blends well with the complexion of the rest of the face and neck.

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