Face lift

Look at pictures of your childhood and youth, and the first difference you will notice is the thickness of the skin. There are wrinkles, lines, folds of skin, and a loose appearance now, and we know that it distresses you. They make you look aged and tired. To reverse the effects of aging, a facelift can be done by our plastic surgeon.
The doctor would call this rhytidectomy surgery, which literally means removal of wrinkles. He would use his instruments to remove extra/damaged skin, remove loose hanging skin, tighten up the angles and corners, and remove any lines. As one ages, lines appear on the skin near the eyes, above the eyelids, and at the corners of the mouth. These are called laugh lines and crow’s feet. In worse cases, deep creases are formed which make person look aged beyond their years, or appear overweight.
Sagging of skin can happen for reasons as natural as exposure to environmental factors such as Sun rays, pollution, smoke, or aging, stress, and heredity reasons. Some people have fatty deposits in their face and neck as well, which results in a jowly appearance.
A similar tightening of the neck skin is also done to make the individual look younger. This is called a necklift. Both a facelift and necklift are surgical procedures which require anaesthesia. They also call for small incisions to be made at various places to drain excess fat and put in fillers which make the face appear full.
A number of small procedures come under Facelift, which together produce the effect of smooth skin that is free of wrinkles, ridges, and sagging. These are:
• Wrinkle reduction – using Facial implants, fat transfer
• Soft tissue augmentation
• Resurfacing to improve skin tone and structure
• Fat injections and fillers to fill out saggy areas
These jobs can be done only when the patient has been put under anaesthesia. The next process is to make incisions around the hairline and the chin. The skin is then held back while excess fat is removed or moved to another spot where it is needed. The contours of the facial features and muscles are lifted and skin is brought back to cover these newly uplifted features, which is then held there with stitches or skin adhesives. In most cases, extra skin is trimmed off and held taut over the features, which gives a wrinkle free appearance. Depending on the degree of lift needed and the number of incisions, it might be a traditional facelift (as described above) or a limited incision facelift. Neck skin can be rejuvenated with a neck lift. It also reduces sagging around the jaws.
But because this is a cosmetic procedure, it does not slow down or stop the aging process. It is usually performed in combination with brow lift or eyelid surgeries, which give youthful appearance to the eyes. These procedures come under restorative surgeries and they do not change your original appearance. You will look like a younger, healthier version of yourself.
The timing of the surgery is best suggested by your plastic surgeon, who will tell you if it is best to wait a while or get it done immediately to be followed by optimum results.

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