Fat transfers – Fat grafting

Fat grafting
The toned look is the most sought-after one, with good reason. It gives a youthful aura and healthy glow to the individual.
Nearly everybody worries about having fat deposits in the wrong places on the body, while some other sites appear skinny, saggy and loose. It is just a question of using the fat available in excess in some parts of the body, so that the overall look may be uniform and proportionate.
It is not only because of aging, but several other factors such as stress, lifestyle habits, inherited shape, and a host of other causes that result in the face, neck, shoulders, arms looking deflated, while other parts such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen may look fatty. Even the face might develop fatty pouches that make for a jowly appearance that is anything but attractive.
To address these problems, an aesthetic procedure called fat grafting (or fat transfers) is used. The fat removed from one site of the body is cleansed and diluted so that it can be injected into an area that needs a lift.
A cannula is used to remove fat from the donor area and cleansed. The cannula is sterile and the fat itself is twirled about in a centrifuge to remove toxins. The process of then inserting the cleansed fat is repeated several times until the augmentation is complete. The site of the fat graft is then massaged by the surgeon so that a suitable shape is achieved.
The recovery process includes dressing the area for a period of time to reduce pain and discomfort for the patient.

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