FUE scarless (no incision)

From an aesthetic point of view, losing hair is one of the most undesirable things that can happen to anyone, man or woman. Your hair is the crowning glory; it represents your pride and unique sense of style, and it can be managed in a versatile way to give different looks. To address the problem of hair loss, for whatever reason that loss may have occurred, the most modern and effective technique is FUE. It is a method of hair transplantation that has met with a lot of success since its discovery.
Procedure: The procedure starts with the routine administration of anaesthesia. Only a local anaesthetic is given, and then the process of picking out healthy follicles (hair growing units) is done over the next several hours.
The follicles are transplanted to the scalp where the hair growth is needed, and this requires a series of incisions. The surgeon works with a very fine set of needles and knives to achieve transplantation with minimal damage. The grafts are then inserted carefully after a local anaesthetic is given.
The donor site has no scars or long incisions because the follicles are taken out individually. Although this is done in a surgical setting, it is finished within a day, and the patient need not stay overnight at the hospital. The recovery period is also minimal, and very little follow-up is required.
Of course, it takes a little while for you to get used to having a full head of hair and maintaining it. The hair can be combed and shampooed like your natural hair, because, it is your hair!

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