Hair growth lasers – iGrow

Hair growth lasers – iGrow
iGrow is a hair growth laser that uses LEDs. It is a fairly modern method of hair rejuvenation that has met with success in making users obtain a head of shining, lustrous hair that smacks of health. These are the best qualities hair can possess, and reports from iGrow users have been favourable ever since its introduction.
If you wish to use iGrow, you can make your way to the hospital to use iGrow in a safe and sterile setting where the doctor oversees the procedure and ensures that there is no harm caused out of faulty usage.
The iGrow device is designed to be placed on the patient’s head so that all the hairs are covered, and then the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are activated for 20 minutes at a time. This session is done twice a week, and even during the procedure, the patient does not feel confined, as the iGrow is mobile and the patient can walk about and do some leisure or entertainment activities. iGrow itself plays some music for the wearer so that he/she does not feel stressed. It is iPod and MP3 compatible.
iGrow works on the principle of exposing hair follicles and underlying skin cells to specialised light that stimulates hair growth. This Low Level Laser Therapy has been patented by Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University in 1967. After testing, it has been confirmed that hair growth is best achieved when red light with wavelength of 650-670 nm is focused on the hair follicles. Inside the iGrow, a total of 51 light sources with 30 LEDs and 21 laser diodes are present, and these are deeply effective in stimulating hair growth.

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