Hair thinning or hair loss is a big cause of worry for many men and women, and it is quite serious in the case of both sexes, because our society places a lot of importance on people looking a certain way. When hair loss affects you, hair transplantation of various kinds is the order of the day. Of these using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a safe procedure that enjoys a high rate of success and satisfaction.
Plasma naturally found in the body is not a foreign substance, and for this reason, it is not rejected by the body. To understand how it works, it is important to first know that healthy growth of hair is possible when blood full of nutrients is supplied to the hair follicles through the scalp.
PRP is matched human blood that has been treated to remove other constituents leaving only the platelet rich plasma component of it. The rest of the elements of blood and liquids are separated from it, and this PRP is highly valuable because of its properties of being helpful in tissue generation (or regeneration).
In PRP therapy, the patient’s own blood is put into a centrifuge and platelet rich plasma is collected in a tube. This plasma is given as intradermal injections to the person undergoing PRP. It is as simple as getting any other injection, and the duration of the treatment is about 30 minutes.
The blood sample obtained from the individual is small, about 30 ml. After the centrifuge action, calcium chloride activators are added to the plasma. The procedure is safe, and has a zero recovery period. Repeated sittings, about six of them, are required to make the entire hair get rejuvenated and start shimmering.

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