Hair vitamins – Cyclical Vitamin Program

Hair Vitamins – Cyclical Vitamin Program

Vitamins are essential for hair and skin health. But how many? Most people go to the extremes – by not taking any vitamins, or by over-dosing, which either results in the body dumping the excess, or causing even more harmful side-effects. But when you put your hair problems – brittleness, dullness, split ends, thinning, shedding, or whatever it may be – before our doctors, you receive a full-scale, well-thought-out solution that fits you.

When you consider the way vitamins work, the most important condition is how they react with each other, because they are taken as a combination. The ones that work together and bring out the best outcome are coupled and taken at a time in the Cyclical Vitamin Program. The coupling is done in a way which leads to very little waste and maximum absorption. Doses are repeated only twice a week, and not every day, which means the body is not left struggling under a wave of a particular supplement. For example, taking more than a calculated dose of calcium can result in deficiency of iron and other metals like zinc and magnesium. But in the Cyclical Vitamin Program, only three doses of calcium are given, and the doses are timed for maximum assimilation by the body.

A strict rule is that iron and calcium supplements are never taken at the same time – it is recommended that the two are taken on different days. Because of measured use of vitamins, the treatment is also cost effective. Vitamin E, which is one of the most crucial supplements for skin and hair health, and Vitamin A are always given in metered doses, as ingestion of excess can result in hair fall and increased risk of cardiac malfunction.

Cyclical Vitamin Program – how it helps hair growth

Growth in hair is a process of keratinization. It is a continuous cycle with each hair being in one of four stages – growth, regression, resting, or shedding. Because different hairs are in different stages at a given time, growth can be said to be occurring at all times. For hair to grow in a healthy manner, it needs to be well-nourished by blood vessels that bring to it a range of nutrients such as A, C, D, B complex, and E along Iron, Calcium, and other minerals.

The Cyclical Vitamin Program is successful because it guarantees that the required nutrients are supplied through the bloodstream. It also pushes more follicles to function in the growth phase, which means you observe thickened hair volume. Unlike herbal procedures which are a one-size-fits-all solution to what may be a combination of hair problems, the Cyclical Vitamin Program gives better results by being efficient and effective. A lustrous mane can be yours with a very few months.

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