Hand rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation
One of the first parts of the body that gives away the age of a person is the hand. One might take extensive care of the face to make sure that it does not look haggard, but the hands hold even more evidence of our daily chores, stress undergone, our diet habits and whatnot.
The hands have many a tale to tell in the way the are shaped, whether they are smooth or rough, whether the skin is thickened and tough or soft and smooth, whether the nails are shapely and healthy or broken and brittle. Nail colours, manicure, and regular moisturisation can help only to a certain extent. If one performs hard jobs such as heavy lifting and exposure to chemicals, the hands would show the evidence of it.
What it does:
To reverse these effects, one can opt for hand rejuvenation. It smooths out the ridges on the hand, does away with the wrinkles formed by exposure to harsh climactic conditions, and strengthens the nails. Dull and darkened skin can also be reworked using intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser treatment. Some hands might be covered by hair which gives them a coarse and ungroomed appearance. When the outside skin is too scaly and patchy in appearance, the best recommended procedure of rejuvenation is microdermabrasion or light chemical peel. This destroys the damaged cells and brings forward a young layer of skin. This should only be done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon because he can assess the extent of damage on the skin and recommend a course of action.
Repeated exposure of the back of the hand to Sun and UV rays makes the hand look bony, with the blood vessels, tendons, and sinews show very starkly. To treat this condition, fillers of hyaluronic acid are used. This process also removes the wrinkles, but it is a strictly temporary solution and lasts 6-8 months.
Your choices for a solution:
Collagen remodelling is used to give a fresh appearance and youthful contour to the skin of the hand. It is used in conjunction with microdermabrasion to achieve the aim of making the hands look young and soft. Despite these procedures, it is still imminent upon the patient to use regular oil and moisturiser massage to maintain the health of the skin.
In the case of fair-skinned people, aging hands may be covered by a network of fine blood vessels. These are blue or darker in colour, and they give the appearance of ill-health. To prevent this look, sclerosant injections may be used. This treatment of thread-like blood vessels is called microsclerotherapy. It is very effective in giving the hand a healthy, youthful look.
Each of these techniques may be used independently in a sitting, or in combination with others depending on your specific needs, at the discretion of the cosmetic surgeon. While they do not impede the aging process, they can slow down the degeneration of skin cells, and give you time to make remedial measures to prevent age from catching up with the skin on the hands.

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