i-Lipo laser – nonsurgical body shaping

The latest procedure of laser lipolysis is called iLipo. It is very effective in creating weight loss and reduction in dress size as a consequence. There is no use of needles and knives, and no time to be set apart for surgery. Since it is a non-surgical fat reduction laser, there are a host of conditions that need to be followed by the individual undergoing iLipo before, during, and after the treatment.
Before the procedure is commenced, the presence of fat across the body is analysed by your doctor. The number of sittings – usually two in a week – is recommended based on your doctor’s evaluation. The procedure itself takes 45 minutes to an hour, and consists of exposure to 20 minutes of lasers followed by about 15 minutes of massage in infrared laser vacuum.
While each of the sittings is in itself very effective, it is recommended that you undergo about 8 sittings before you see a visible change in your body silhouette.
iLipo uses the highly sophisticated technology of low strength laser which works directly on the fat cells in the body. Triglycerides like glycerol and other complex fats are broken down by these lasers, making them available for the body to be used as energy sources. The natural process of the body using up stored fats is harnessed in this case to result in weight loss in a safe way. The only difference is that the individual does not have to starve himself with any crash diets, so there is no down time or suffering from hunger. Fatty acids released by the process of iLipo need to be completely metabolised, and this is why the procedure is followed by a period of exercise. It does not cause any harm to the body as it does not act on nervous system, nor is the body is punctured and cut in any way.
There are some required conditions to be followed in the week leading up to the procedure:

• No eating in excess
• Keep body sufficiently hydrated
• Avoid alcohol on the night before iLipo is scheduled
• All medication can be taken as usual

On the day of the treatment, some medication such as diuretics need to be avoided. Starving is not recommended as it affects the results of the procedure. Caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are to be avoided.
After the treatment, intake of at least 36 ounces of water is recommended, along with exercise of 30-60 minutes. 60 minutes of exercise gives optimum results. An aerobic exercise such as cycling, treadmill, or ellipticals can be chosen.
On the days following the treatment, it is recommended that the exercise be continued, so that the mobilised fatty acids are completely metabolised and leave the body. Hydration through regular water intake is also recommended.
Binging on food- particularly carbohydrates, intake of alcohol, and heavy meals can disrupt the effects of the whole procedure and need to be avoided. The importance of keeping hydrated at all times for the entire period of iLipo is necessary so as to help the body release and eliminate toxins. Avoiding stimulants, drugs, and relaxants such as alcohol is recommended so that nothing interferes with the action of the laser.

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