Laser skin tightening

Laser skin tightening
Due to a host of reasons ranging for stress in day to day life to uncontrollable factors such as pollution, heredity, or aging, some people might develop loosening of skin. This is particularly noticeable about the face and neck, and gives the individual a look of premature aging, tiredness, or worse, ill-health.
It is now possible to correct these offending folds and sagging features, and you need not even go under the knife! Laser skin tightening is a simple and relatively stress-free option for women who do not wish to undergo the hassle of surgical aesthetic procedures.
The advantages are that the skin is not cut nor are any needles used, so the pain and trauma suffered by the skin is much lesser than in a surgery scenario. It is suited for all skin types, and there is no need for inhibitions, as no scars will be left after the procedure.
However, not everybody qualifies for a laser treatment, and this is why it is best to make inquiries and get your facts from a doctor. If the skin is moderately loose on your face, neck, arms and torso, you might be a good candidate for laser skin tightening. You can make a consultation with a surgeon who will examine your skin for elasticity, residual laxity, and discuss your overall state of mind. You will have to be prepared to undergo multiple sittings, as opposed to a surgery which is a single sitting process.
The other facts are that there would a period of recovery necessary, as well as some trauma and numbness on the site of surgery. There might be a temporary swelling, redness, and inflammation which will subside with time. The results are not as contoured and obvious as someone who has undergone surgical tightening, but they give you a trim version of yourself.
Keeping these pros and cons in mind, discuss your case with our surgeon, and get a personalised evaluation.

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