Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation
Thin lips are one of the common complaints of girls and women. The truth is that the beauty of the face is enhanced by a full pout that can carry off a dazzling smile. When the lips are too thin, the face looks unfinished and make-up cannot enhance this feature beyond a certain point.
But a single sitting with your plastic surgeon can permanently correct the issues of thin lips and the surgery is so simple that almost anyone can get it done. The important point is that one should choose a reputed place where the surgeon is known for his deft work.
When you walk into a cosmetic surgeon’s office for lip augmentation surgery, the common course of action is to use dermal fillers. They contain Hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance, and they naturally plump up the lips.
In addition to increasing the volume of the lip (one or both) the shape of the lip can also be enhanced by contouring the corners, lifting the corners, and correcting any symmetry issues between the lips.
Some people have the disadvantage of having two lips that are of different colours, or one long whitish upper lip. The lips may be curved inward with a poor outline. This looks bad when applying make-up, as it does not carry colour and definition well. All these problems can be corrected through non-surgical fillers. This can be done through local anaesthesia. Injections of hyaluronic acid are given to the skin to adjust the moisture balance of the lip. The area returns to normalcy immediately and no hospitalisation is required.

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