LLLT / I-grow – Hair growth lasers

LLLT stands for Low Level Laser Therapy, and it is a mode of hair loss prevention. It also promotes growth of hair and improves the quality of existing hair. The reason for the immense popularity of LLLT is that it is non-invasive, and there is no surgery involved, but the results are real.
As the name reveals, the lasers used in this procedure are Low Level lasers which means they do not harm the skin or the scalp. These are targeted to stimulate follicle growth and improve the overall health of the hair.
How it works:
LLLT works by improving blood circulation in the scalp
It prevents the loss of hair
Hair becomes shinier, thicker, and healthier than before
LLLT is particularly suited for patients who have recently undergone hair transplant and are looking for continuing hair care treatments. Chemical treatments may harm the skin or hair and make it weak, but LLLT is a set of low-intensity lasers that are transmitted to the hair transplants, stimulating their healing and growth.
Research has found that red light, compressed from the electromagnetic spectrum is best suited to stimulate hair growth. Its properties are such that it is of a single color (red), travels in a straight line so it can be aimed by the doctor (rectilinear), and can be projected as a beam onto a single spot.
Its use and properties have been studied and certified as safe, so the method can be adopted for getting rid of hair loss worries without any fears. It is best used when the first signs of hair loss are observed. Both men and women can use LLLT. Dht SENSOR’s hair loss control and prevention program conducts studies on hair loss and recommends products to users with excessive hair loss, and LLLT is one of the highly-recommended procedures to reverse hair loss.

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