Mesotherapy – skin treatment

Mesotherapy — rejuvenate the skin
This is a technique of reducing skin imperfections that has been recognised by the French Academy of Medicine, and invented by Michel Pistor in 1952.
Mesotherapy involves giving fine injections to the skin so that the components of the medication reach the very core layers of the skin and begin to produce almost immediate results. Vitamins, pharmaceutical drugs, homeopathic compositions, and plant extract can be given in these injections to rejuvenate skin and reduce aesthetic problems.
One of the main targets of mesotherapy is discoloration of skin or pigmentation. Where there or blemishes, melasma, or freckles, or even hyperpigmentation which leads to uniform darkening of skin, injections can be given as mesotherapy to lighten the skin and to make the freckles almost disappear. Vitamin C is an important constituent in lightening the skin.
For skin rejuvenation, anti-aging or age-defying compositions are injected into the skin to smooth out wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, and fine lines. They start acting in as early as 4 sessions and results are there to be seen. Skin can be polished in a process called resurfacing by using RF Pixel, and injections of hyaluronic acid can be used to reduce acne scars.
The course continues over several sittings with micro-injections being given every two weeks. For after the procedure, care advice and instructions will also be given.
Although each session will take less than 30 minutes, you would do well to take a consultation with a surgeon before the start of the procedure to get an evaluation of your skin. Several precautions will also be advised:
Vitamin E and ginko biloba are to be avoided 3 days before the treatment
Aspirin, Disprin, and some other drugs are also to be avoided
Patients can request for a topical anaesthetic
Although mesotherapy does not require any recovery time, it is advised that patients undergoing it be prepared for swelling, redness, and inflammation. Some bruising of the area is unavoidable, and a burning sensation may be experienced. The doctor can recommend pain management and anti-inflammatory medication as necessary.

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