Non-surgical laser liposuction

Non-surgical laser lipo

This clever alternative to the standard liposuction treatment is non-invasive and works on the basis of the body’s intelligence to store or shed fat depending on the food availability circumstances as perceived by the body. It reduces cellulite and fat and gives an enviable contour to the body.

The normal course of functioning of the body is such that it stores the additional calories from your diet in the form of adipose tissue. This usually happens in excess of reasonable contingency, and results in a person looking disproportionately fat.

The method of laser iLipo is such that it messages the brain to shed the additional layers of fat accumulated over the course of several years. Since it is only safe to conduct this procedure of shedding gradually, an iLipo session lasts only 8 minutes. During this time, the patient is not pierced anywhere by any needles or surgical knives, and there is no pain felt at all. Whatever fat is converted to energy is expended immediately, while the rest is broken down so that it can exit the pores of the skin and other exits of the body. After the treatment is finished, a drop in 1 or 2 dress sizes is commonly seen in patients.

How it really works:

The real magic is in the laser used: this triggers the brain to break down triglycerides or fat molecules by releasing lipase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body. This is why the function of iLipo does not mess with the natural functioning of the body. This enzyme breaks down the fat molecules so that they can be excreted by the body once for all. And thus the dramatic effects of the surgery are now a reality.

Laser iLipo has to be backed by efforts on part of the patient to keep up a healthier lifestyle than before to minimise the chances of gaining back the weight that was lost. iLipo is known to increase the lymphatic flow of the body, for which reason a new lifestyle that combines active exercising at least three times a week, swimming/cycling are recommended upon recovering from the treatment.

The treatment lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks, with only two sessions per week. Acting gradually on the body, reshaping is done in one site per session, before moving on to the next in another session.

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