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Exult Clinics was established in 2015, by Dr M Srinivas Rao M.S MCh Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and Dr Jayalakshmi Dermatologist and Aesthetician. In addition to M.Ch Plastic Surgery, Dr Srinivas has obtained Diploma in AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) course. He strives to offer the absolute best to his patients in terms of technique, advising them of the safety and suitability of a procedure.

At Exult, you will meet professionals who are highly-trained, wise in their judgment, and possess a keen eye for ironing out any features that you feel would come off better with some tuning. Our procedures are precise, efficient, and cost-effective.

Different Types of Rhinoplasty
Open Rhinoplasty :

The major nose reshaping tasks are accomplished under this type of rhinoplasty.
Mainly, the incision in this type of surgery is made in the skin that divides the nostrils.
Open rhinoplasty allows doctor to get a straightforward view of patient’s nasal anatomy.

Closed Rhinoplasty :

This category involves an incision inside the nose. The skin is disconnected from the
cartilage and bone to get the preferred structural improvement in nose. Closed
rhinoplasty gets performed in lesser time in comparison of open rhinoplasty. Also, the
recovery time is lesser than as in open rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty :

Just as the name suggests, this surgery is a repeated surgery which is done in order to
rectify the problems that continue after the first rhinoplasty.

We offer Latest Technology and Best in Class Medical Infrastructure
in Rhinoplasty Treatment to ensure utmost safety and efficacy of the

Why is Rhinoplasty Best for you?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the structure of nose. Rhinoplasty
changes many things in nose, including the nose size (in relation to your face), nose
width at the bridge, the size and position of the nostrils etc. Rhinoplasty is considered to
be the best if one is unhappy with the nose shape & structure or may be having difficulty
in breathing, in either way a person can undergo rhinoplasty.

1. Is Rhinoplasty the right choice for me?

If it appears unpleasant or causes any breathing difficulties, then yes rhinoplasty is the
right treatment. You will find
good results, worthy and a nice experience.

2. Is Rhinoplasty Painful ?

These procedures are extremely safe but there are some risks too. Choosing a doctor
with an exceptional record of safety and success would help you lower the risks.

3.Is rhinoplasty safe?

Rhinoplasty is very safe and effective surgical procedure. Careful selection of doctors
will lead to a safe procedure. The common risks during a rhinoplasty may a be a
reaction to anesthesia, infections or excess bleeding but not everyone face this
problem. We check all your health profile and drug allergies before procedure itself to
avoid side effects .

4. Are the results long lasting?

The answer to this question is yes if the surgeon is carefully selected. The proper age to
undergo rhinoplasty is 15-16 for girls and above 17 for boys. The nose ages just like the
face, but it always looks better

5)Which technique should I choose?

Techniques used for Rhinoplasty varies from procedure to procedure. Costs and
recovery time also varies. Doctor explains you based on your requirements .
Pre examination with doctor gives you complete details.

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