Permanent hair reduction

Permanent Hair removal
It is important to always look well-groomed, for both men and women. For women in particular, the standards are particularly stringent, and so many in number. For this reason, you may be tired of all the waxing, threading, tweezing, and hair removal treatments that abound in salons. They may also be bad for the skin in the long run, resulting in loss of elasticity, and in-grown hairs.
The answer provided by dermatologists is permanent hair removal with the help of lasers. It is highly advanced, easily performed, and has very few or no side effects. Users report being completely hair free for months after the procedure, and even if some hair remains, it is much lesser in quantity than before, and also lighter in colour.
Laser hair removal is safe for most parts of the body, and can be repeated if and when the hair grows again. Some of the parts people get laser hair removal at are:
Bikini line
Face – chin and above the upper lip

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