Post Weight Loss Surgeries-EXULT


Post Weight Loss Surgeries-EXULT

Post weight loss surgeries
You may be under the impression that weight loss is what requires doctors’ attention and surgery, and once those elements are out of the way, no other attention from a doctor is needed. The truth is, sometimes surgery is required after dramatic weight loss, because the sagging skin and other tissue still have to be addressed.
Weight loss is achieved when fat and some amount of muscle weight is shed. Muscles can be toned up by exercise, but after a certain age, the exterior features and skin cannot be toned up in the same way. In such cases, surgery is required.
Body contouring is done after weight loss to regain a shapely figure with no loose skin. It corrects the underlying body tissue that supports the skin and works side by side with the muscles to give a smooth external appearance.
Here is a list of contouring surgeries that smooth out the exterior, after weight loss has been achieved.
Facelift: includes tightening skin around the mouth, eyes, jowls and neck
Breast lift: can be done after breast-feeding, or after weight loss, to give a lift to the bosom
Arm lift: for improving the appearance of the upper arms
Thigh lift: It’s a notorious place for weight gain, and post weight loss, the inner thigh, and the jiggling, wagging parts need to be contoured and lifted.
Tummy tuck: This is for tightening the skin on the abdomen,Post Weight Loss Surgeries-EXULT

Lower-body lift: Tightening of the buttocks, and thighs is needed to give a trim appearance

The steps in these procedures are roughly the same as other aesthetic surgeries, with the surgeon first putting the patient under local or general anaesthesia, and then making incisions to tighten or trim off stretched out skin and underlying tissue. The incision itself is made very carefully, as minimal in length as possible, and usually at a site that can easily be covered up or hidden.
Body contouring is not achieved in a single sitting. You have to work with your surgeon in making clear your objectives and learning about the procedure. The doctor will go over your health profile and make the decisions that are best for your case. Clarify on any points that need further explanation, and get the best silhouette of yourself by stages.
It is reasonable to think that body contouring in most cases takes you almost as long as it took you to shed all the excess weight. 2 years’ time is a good estimate.     Post Weight Loss Surgeries-EXULT

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