PRP Facial (Vampire therapy)

PRP facial (Vampire therapy)
Platelets are an important part of your blood, and they can give a boost to your health and good looks when used correctly. The method of PRP facial gets its bizarre nickname from the fact that the procedure involves drawing a sample of your blood, and then using it to extract platelets, which are later used for your therapy. When the procedure is conducted by an experienced surgeon, there are no fears to be had.
When you start seeing signs of sagging, wrinkles, and depigmentation affecting your skin because of age, pollution, exposure to Sun or any other factors, remember there’s a wonderful solution at hand.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from your blood can be used reduce sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration by reversing the effects of aging and pollution. The PRP is nutrient rich and helps your skin heal, grow, and glow like never before. It stimulates cell restoration and regrowth, and improves the general texture of the skin. It is quite a successful technique, and can be used on the neck as well.
The salient features of PRP are that there is little that can go wrong. Since the PRP is extracted from your own blood sample, there is zero likelihood of developing allergies. The sample is taken using a sterile syringe, and processed in a centrifuge until the platelets are extracted, so there is zero chance of contamination. Finally, the platelet cocktail is injected back into your facial skin with a fine syringe.
Facial therapy using PRP can be repeated every 1-2 months, based on the state of your health. After about 4 sittings of PRP facial, you would be able to see a very noticeable difference in the health of your facial skin. Even a single sitting can begin the rejuvenation process that is extremely important to haggard skin. As a follow-up and support, PRP facial therapy can be continued once in a year. This gives long-lasting effects. It is also useful to support this by adding some exercise and healthy eating to your lifestyle.

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