Q switched laser – pigment and tattoo removal

Q-switched laser – pigment and tattoo removal

There are times when you would reverse a decision about a permanent tattoo or would like to reverse some pigmentation. These things are possible now, thanks to laser technology.
It is possible that you no longer like a tattoo that you have got in the past. Or you might wish to change it to something else, or have none at all. It is also possible that you would have a tattoo that has begun to fade, and has started to look ugly.
It is possible to remove tattoos, even permanent ones, with the help of laser technology. If the tattoo is rather large, you would require multiple sittings to get rid of it. But Q-switched laser therapy can ensure that most of it is gone.
The first step in this therapy is to use an anaesthetic cream on your skin, so that the procedure is not felt. Then the laser beam will set to work on the tattooed pigment, breaking it up and letting it lose shape, ultimately going away. You would be amazed at the results, and it is completely safe too!

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