RF- Skin tightening/skin rejuvenation

RF- Skin tightening/skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is the process of helping the skin naturally get rid of all dead cells, heal all wounds, and start cell restoration so that it looks soft and smooth. Aging is something that affects (by slowing  down or stopping entirely this natural process, and also reduces the natural elasticity of skin.

Some women are obligated to use hormone therapy for existing health conditions, or for birth control. These pills may mess with the system, cause abrupt weight gain or loss (hello loosened skin and stretch marks!), and make a woman look older before her time. Other factors like a proper diet, consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and even sodas can make a person look bloated and unhealthy.

RF-skin tightening can work for you if you have loose skin, wrinkles, hyper-pigmented skin, scars, and vascular conditions. Patches and spots of dark skin, moles and scars from acne can also be treated. Laser technology of controlled intensity can be used on acne scars as long as they are on the superficial layers of the skin.

Photo-rejuvenation technique is used to repair skin and make it glow like it did in your younger days. This is the use of a safe source of light from the visible spectrum. This procedure is used to treat facial skin in the same way RF- skin rejuvenation works. The fact is that this same photo-rejuvenation procedure can be applied for other parts of the body as well, but the other treatments have not gained as much traction and popularity as facial treatments.

RF-skin tightening is the use of the radio frequency spectrum to work on blemishes and blotchiness on the skin. The specialty of this procedure is that it can work on the deeper dermal layers without affecting the epidermis. It passes heat to the layers, to heal injuries and provide cell restoration with the help of natural collagen.

To get an idea of the pros and cons of the above-mentioned treatments, and to determine which one is right for you, have a consultation with the surgeon or dermatologist.

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