Scalp micropigmentation



Scalp micropigmentation

We know tailoring your physical appearance as carefully as you dress up is important to you, and while you do this, you are often focused on minimising or correcting what you perceive to be flaws of the skin or hair. Hair thinning or falling off altogether is one of the nightmares faced by men and women who are unable to grow a full head of hair naturally. Eventually even baldness may occur, where the hairline recedes all the way and a bright patch of hairless skin is visible. This can be the worst possible outcome for men and women, young ones in particular. They worry about this more than they would express, but there is a solution to such a situation as well.

Scalp micropigmentation is a process in which the appearance of hair is created, even where hair is not present, so that one would look like he/she has had a very close haircut, or even a shave. It is also called hair simulation tattooing or paramedical micro pigmentation. It is a permanent change made to the skin to make it look like there is a very close haircut. This is an excellent alternative for men and women who may not be able to take advantage of hair transplantation surgery.

Scalp Micropigmentation can be used in cases of hair thinning, partial or complete hair loss. Even hereditary alopecia can be remedied to some extent as this is a completely aesthetic procedure that is minimally invasive and has zero side effects. There is no question of surgical scars, or any recovery time. It is just like getting any other tattoo on your head. This is done by medical professionals in a safe setting, so there are no risks to worry about. Local anaesthesia is provided so that the patient is comfortable during and after the procedure.

Since this is a tattoo that resembles a full head of thick hair, it can be used to cover any other scars, or tattoos, including scars from other procedures. Perfectly convenient, and stylish too!

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