Scars & Moles

Scars and moles – correct flaws with professional help

Scars and moles are a double-edged affair. Some moles are distinctive and give character to your face, becoming a distinguishing mark that you can be proud of. But in more than 3 out of 4 cases, moles are not so attractive, and the individual might be better off having them removed altogether.

Scars formed from acne, childhood injury, accidents and falls are all to be treated with great care not only so that healing happens correctly, but also in a manner that does not call for additional attention in later life. Mishandling might result in a blemish or an unflattering shape or colour, which again needs removal.

In cases where the scar or mole is better off removed, a plastic surgeon can perform scar revision surgery. A scar may or may not be removed completely, but its colour and texture can be brought in line with the surrounding tissue. Only an experienced plastic surgeon can examine a scar and judge how well the wound has healed. He would also take note of whether the scar is bulged or depressed into the skin, and make suggestions for treating it.

The treatment of scars and moles begins by considering topical applications such as creams, lotions, oils, or ointment that may improve the appearance of the scar. When these are not deemed to be enough, a minimally invasive correction may reduce the intensity of the scar.

For extremely serious wounds, medical assistance along with cosmetic surgery is required to close the wound and heal the scar. In these cases, surgical closing of the wound and sealing are used to improve the external appearance.

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