Skin tightening – using IPL

Skin tightening

Intense Pulsed Light treatment is used for various purposes of skin rejuvenation, removal of hair, and other skin treatments. It is used for the purpose of skin tightening as well. It uses a broad spectrum of light between the range of 515nm and 1200nm. Different frequencies may be used for different purposes, and lower frequencies are generally removed to use this light for the purpose of skin tightening.

The biggest plus point of laser or IPL for skin tightening is that they are minimally invasive procedures that do not leave any scars, nor do they call for any recovery period. The decision on which treatment is best suited for a person is made based on a thorough physical examination of the skin and also of the health and history of the patient. Tightening of skin is as important as having smooth skin free of wrinkles. It can be done in a short period of 30-40 minutes.

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