Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

It is completely natural to want to remove or change your style statement. But this cannot be done at home, and can become quite a hazard if you try to make changes to tattoos without a doctor’s help. On the other hand, with an aesthetic surgeon’s help, it is handled quite efficiently and the skin recovers well enough to support a completely different kind of design in the near future.

Sometimes, there might be nothing wrong with an existing tattoo design, but you might need to remove it because it has started to fade away from the skin. Instead of waiting around for it to go away on its own, tattoo removal is a relatively painless and simple procedure that restores the plain canvas of skin.


Tattoo removal is a painless process, but it might take more than one sitting for the removal to be complete. It is a laser procedure that does minimal harm to the skin. During the process of removal, there will not be pain, but there will be a certain level of discomfort. Even the darkest inked image can be removed. The procedure is performed under topical anaesthesia.

The surgeon takes an assessment of how dark the tattoo is, and how many sittings are required to remove it completely. Then the laser procedure is used to dilute the tattoo ink. This begins by reducing the colour of the tattoo, and it starts to look scaly and grey. Then it fades further and finally, plain skin is visible.

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