Vaginal tightening

Vaginal tightening

Vaginal tightening is mostly recommended for women who have undergone childbirth and suffered an episiotomy (tearing of skin), or stretched the vaginal muscles violently during the birth of the child (even if there were no tear). It is also possible that some women feel that they would need some vaginal tightening, because of weak vaginal muscles, along with other genital surgeries, so it is offered even in such cases. It can be performed along with other surgeries such as hymenoplasty.

This procedure of tightening the vaginal muscles and rejuvenating the vagina is also called vaginoplasty. It is supposed to enhance sexual pleasure. Vaginoplasty is also about making the opening of the vagina smaller so that the tightness results in additional sensation, heightening pleasure.

The first step in the procedure of vaginoplasty is to give the patient sedation. It can be local or general anaesthesia, that the surgeon may suggest to the woman. Then excess skin is removed and the vaginal muscles are shortened so that a tightened vagina is now possible. It could now be similar to the tightness the woman had before the pregnancy. Sutures are put in place to help along the healing process. Any scars from the surgery are not visible from outside, and the whole procedure is finished off in about 2 hours. Excess vaginal linings, made up of soft tissue is trimmed off so that the tightening is further enhanced.

After the procedure, the patient needs to be in observation for about a day, and then needs to rest in bed for about 3-4 days at home. After this, normal day to day activities can be resumed.

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